▲▼ idag är jag jävligt ledsen på livet:

"oh shut up, no one even likes you". your voice again and again and again.
the peculiar thing wasnot the words that slipped through my slightly oblique teeth just seconds before you opened your mouth. neither was the answer you gave me. after some conclusion i discovered that it was the way you said it, the way you enunciated the words in my face, that made my heart exasperate.
   i felt tremble as my hands started to quiver. the look you gave me was not amicable, but yet it was neither ferocious or vicious; it was veritable. honest.
the situation was flagitious.
from what seemed like a distance i watched you from the corner of my eye. i saw while the evening sun got it last opportunity to flaunt on your skinny cheeks and i saw your bright blue eyes that just never seemed to mitigate.
     "wow, you really had to go there, eh?" i reciprocated quickly, as not to hide the hideous fact that my eyes were already starting to tear. i absconded before you even got a chance to answer and cried on my way home
här har ni en gammal text så länge.
muse har ställt in; och detta blir femte gången för mig. tack så jävla mycket universum. kapitulerar
(favvobandet sen 2007; största drömmen sen jag var tio år. så jävla illa)